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The Firelec team got together yesterday to attend Ctec ZFP cast system training and we all agree – it is impressive. We feel that the future has arrived with this system and Firelec Ltd are trained and ready for it!!!


Here is an overview of its most notable features;

C-TEC CAST is an innovative addressable fire detection and alarm system designed and manufactured in the UK.

  1. CAST by C-TEC: This system represents the future of addressable fire alarm technology. It’s the result of a multi-million-pound investment project, and it’s packed with unique features for easy installation, servicing, maintenance, and operation. Here are some key points about CAST:
    • Compatibility: CAST seamlessly integrates with C-TEC’s XFP and ZFP addressable fire panels. You can connect up to 255 CAST addressable devices per loop.
    • Soft Addressing Options: You can manually address devices using a powerful handheld programmer or automatically via an XFP or ZFP fire panel. This flexibility allows you to program an entire “one out, all out” system at the touch of a button.
    • Wide Range of Devices: CAST offers a variety of field devices, including programmable fire detectors, call points, sounders, voice sounders, VADs (Visual Alarm Devices), and interface modules.
    • Autonomous Decision-Making: The system responds rapidly to fires, faults, pre-alarms, and other events due to its high-speed data transmission and robust data transfer.
    • Reduced False Alarms: CAST’s optical and multi-sensor fire detectors feature smart transient rejection algorithms to minimize the impact of sudden steam surges.
    • HEART Algorithm: Heat detectors embedded with the unique HEART (HEat Analysis and Response Technology) algorithm remain in a high state of readiness for potential fire situations.
    • EN54-13 Compliance: CAST complies with EN54 standards, providing reassurance that its components will work as expected.
    • Geographical Fault Location: The system quickly identifies open and short circuit faults, speeding up installation and maintenance.
    • Spurs Accommodation: CAST easily accommodates spurs on retro-fit systems, allowing smooth upgrades of existing systems.
    • Intuitive Replace Device Function: Simplifies device replacement.
    • Cause and Effects: Powerful cause-and-effect programming tailors the system to specific applications.
  2. ZFP CAST Fire Panels:
    • These touchscreen-controlled panels represent a revolution in fire alarm technology. Certified to EN54-2, 4, and 13, they can be configured for various applications, from small systems to large multi-loop networks.
    • Features include a fully filterable event memory, powerful loop drivers, optional paging, graphic interface facilities, and emailable firmware updates.

In summary, C-TEC’s CAST system combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use, making it a game-changer in fire safety

For more information on C-TEC ZFP Cast system - click here to visit their website