Emergency Lighting is essential to ensure an illuminated escape route in the event of your fire alarm being activated.

Firelec Ltd are the specialists that you can depend on to meet your emergency lighting needs, keeping your building and its occupants safe.

Our friendly team of skilled experts can design, supply, install, commission, and maintain all types of emergency lighting including self-contained, slave, addressable & self-test systems.

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Emergency Lighting Installation

Firelec Ltd specialises in supplying, installing, and commissioning a wide range of emergency lighting that is specifically designed to illuminate designated escape routes if the mains supply is interrupted or in the event of the fire alarm system being activated.

UK regulations (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005) stipulate that all buildings of business and dwellings of multiple occupancies must have appropriate emergency escape lighting and adequate lighting to enable fire safety equipment to be identified.

Firelec Ltd has a wealth of experience in providing the correct amount and type of emergency lighting and using this knowledge we can help you meet the compulsory requirements for your building.  To guarantee you have the correct emergency lighting coverage we can attend to conduct a free site survey allowing us to give you the very best advice.

Our Engineers excel in installing both self-contained and slave fittings, with addressable or self-test versions, working with the leading manufacturers to provide quality as well as knowledge.

All our emergency lighting installations are carried out by our highly skilled Engineers working in accordance with BS5266 to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

UK regulations (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005) stipulate that all buildings of business and dwellings of multiple occupancies must have a competent person perform an annual full discharge test to ensure that all emergency lighting is fully compliant and provides the correct coverage.

It is vitally important that escape routes are illuminated should occupants need to escape safely in an emergency situation.  In the event of being plunged into darkness, failed or dim emergency lighting could cause unnecessary chaos and confusion with dangerous implications.

Our highly trained Engineers will carry out your annual test, checking your lighting remains sufficiently illuminated for 3 hours and with adequate battery backup in accordance with BS5266-1.

Following a service maintenance visit, all Firelec Ltd Engineers will provide you with the legal documentation required to show your emergency lighting is maintained to British Standards.

Emergency Lighting Repairs

If our Engineer identifies any problems or faults which may affect meeting your legal obligations, we will discuss all options with you and if authorised, offer repairs whilst on site if practicable or alternatively provide a quotation/return date for further works.

Contact Us

If you’d like to speak to a professional member of our team regarding your emergency lighting requirements please feel free to call us on 0113 3452992 or fill out the form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page of this website and we’ll get back in touch with you regarding your enquiry as soon as possible.